Most of us book our flights, hotels, restaurants and even movies online. We do not call for enquiry, we do not wait for confirmation, we do not wonder if the reservation has been through. Quite the opposite actually! We check availability online, instantly confirm the best match and don’t worry about it anymore.

Planning most activities has become seamless, time-effective and stress-free. Most activities indeed…But what about my spa and beauty appointments? Spanity brings instant booking confirmation to spas in Thailand.

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Traditional Thai Massage (Nuat Thai) is a therapeutic technique that can be found through Thailand's history for thousands of years.

Practitioners trace their lineage to a doctor from northern India: Dr. Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha also known as Shivago in Thailand. More than 2500 years ago, he was the physician of kings, noblemen and the Buddha himself. Shivago, the “Father Doctor” as Thai people call him, visited Thailand with a group of Buddhist monks. They spread the practice of Thai massage to the monastic community as a way to soothe the muscles and ease body pain experienced after long hours of practicing meditation. Over time, this healing method was utilized as a way to aid sick and injured people within the community and evolved into a uniquely Thai medicine.

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