10 tips to get ready for spa


#1: Check list… While high end spas offer all sorts of amenities, you may want to bring your own hydrating cream and make up removal (which is often missing from the set). Pack your swimming suit in case you want to soak before the show. Wear your flip flops if you go for a pedi.

#2: You can do without…Your valuables. You will need to remove your jewelry anyway. So if you don’t wear them, you won’t have to worry about it.

#3: Come as you are…Wear limited make up and perfume.

#4: Smooth as silk… While it will feel nicer for you and the therapist to be freshly shaved or waxed, don’t do it less than 2 hours before the treatment. Moreover, you shouldn’t wax before a body scrub; neither exfoliate nor apply a mask before a facial. Avoid sunbathing the same day as well.

#5: Hair up… Tie your hair up to avoid spoiling them with oils. Don’t get them done just before the treatment; there is a high chance that they will get all messed up. Similarly, nails should be done after to avoid any smudging or chipping.

#6: Menu…Avoid having a big meal right before a massage. Believe us! Digesting face down is unpleasant. Alcohol is not a good idea either: massages speed up blood circulation and will make you tipsy quicker.

#7: Be early… Plan to arrive 15 min early so that you have plenty of time to get ready. There are always lots of things to do when you arrive: drink your juice, get dressed, have a foot bath… and relax!

#8: Mute…The time stops as soon as you step in the spa. Turn off all your smartphones. Hush!

#9: Get wet: Shower right before the treatment. Not only will you feel fresh and smell nice, but it also loosen pores and let body detox. Besides, you may not be able to do so at the end of the treatment, especially after aromatherapy.

#10: Tips for tipping… Ensure you have some change ready for your therapist’s tip. After all the efforts to relax, you don’t want to run to an ATM.

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