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Most of us book our flights, hotels, restaurants and even movies online. We do not call for enquiry, we do not wait for confirmation, we do not wonder if the reservation has been through. Quite the opposite actually! We check availability online, instantly confirm the best match and don’t worry about it anymore.

Planning most activities has become seamless, time-effective and stress-free. Most activities indeed…But what about my spa and beauty appointments? Spanity brings instant booking confirmation to spas in Thailand.

On, you now access live the availability of your favorite spas and treatments. Check the spa calendar, pick a green slot and you are good to go! Your appointment is immediately confirmed. You can plan ahead or book on whim. Booking has become so easy that you are left with a lot more time in your hands to actually enjoy the blissful experience.

The online booking functionality is now available at a selection of spa partners (Anne Semonin, Myth Spa, Coran, Peak Spa…) and a lot more to come.

Spanity knows how precious your time is. Booking your spa appointment is now a no-brainer. Try it now at!

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