An open door to a realm of bliss


Dear Spanity friends and friends of friends, 

There is a time when you feel you have built a home, but not quite yet. You have crafted every single bricks, raised them up and covered with a tiled roof, switched the power on and get the water running. You have not hung the curtains yet, the boxes are still waiting to reveal their secrets, and the carpet of grass in the garden still look like seeds. 

But still… You can’t wait to feel the warmth of the people, who count, to pass their curious heads by the window, push the half opened door and shake your paint stained hand. 

You want to hear the chitchat of friends with guitar in their hands, having a cold drink in the garden, to watch family kids pet the dog in the left-over sand and listen to design advices on the half painted walls... 

There is a time where you can’t wait for the house warming party to share that moment of love and happiness. This is the time!

We want you to feel the sweat, the energy and the pride in building a place designed for your wellbeing. 

Spanity is your new virtual community home to guide you in experiencing the best of what Bangkok has to offer in the wellness world. Pause your hectic urban life and book some time with yourself to align your body and soul. We want you to feel the touch of the best therapists in town, get wrapped in some magic ointments and smell appeasing smoggy fragrances. We want you to look good and irradiate the best of yourself, to pass it on to your circle of life. And the most precious of all, we want you to watch the bright smiles of your friends unwrapping a Spanity gift, an open door to a realm of bliss. 

Come and stop by, the door is unlocked and friends are welcome. Roam around the freshly picked experiences to relax your body and uplift your mind.

Visit your new home. Visit Spanity. 

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