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Day spa

Day spas are oasis where to give yourself a break from your daily routine through pampering massages, facials or body treatments. As opposed to Hotel Spas, even if you are so relaxed that you really feel like having a nap, you can

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Day spas offer a complete spa treatment range on a day use basis, in facilities independent from any hotel or resort.

Hotel Spa

Spas have become one of the key criteria when selecting a hotel. Therefore, hotels and resorts have spent a lot of resources in developing world-class spas facilities and services. Together with the spa services, you may also enjoy the hotel pool, fitness classes and spa cuisine.

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Hotel spas are now must-have leisure facilities provided by hotels and resorts to their guests and outside customers.

Beauty Salon

Whether you want to fix that hair, get glam lush lashes or immaculate mani-padi, beauty salons are where beauty happens. They provide a range of cosmetic services and even sometimes spa treatments. They all have their own specialty, so check what you want to fix before you go.

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Beauty salons are the beauty haven to get your grooming up to perfection while being pampered and relaxed. Let the magic happen!

Medical Spa

Medical spas offer non-surgical treatments that require doctor supervision like laser resurfacing, anti-aging or slimming programs. Spa treatments are integrated into wellness programs to rejuvenate and reduce stress. Medical personnel work alongside spa therapists to provide a comprehensive wellness and preventive care. Some places have over night options.

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Scared by the plastic surgeon office? Medical spas perform non-surgical treatments in a pampering and relaxing environment for more noticeable results to your skin.

Destination Spa

Pack your bag and fully immerse yourself, for a couple of days or more, into a comprehensive program to help you leading a healthier lifestyle. Days will go by in a glimpse between therapeutic spa and body treatments, wellness education programs fitness activities and not to forget mouth-watering spa cuisine.

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Destination spas are resorts that help you jump-start a meaningful lifestyle through the full immersion into a new healthy routine.


Yoga is not only about stretching your body to improve your flexibility, strength and balance, but the regular practice of physical postures and breathing exercises also helps to reduce stress and enhance well being. Depending on each yoga type and teacher style, poses may flow quickly to heat the body in a more intense practice or slowly to improve alignment of poses, and include meditation, chanting or inspiring reading.

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Find your breath and unite your body and mind through the practice of yoga. Find the studio that suits the best your experience and level of fitness.


Pilates puts emphasis on the precise posture rather than going for the burn. Every exercise requires the control of the whole body and mind, full breathing and grace. Pilates helps the balanced development of long, lean and toned muscles together with flexibility and increased range of joint movements. Exercises can be performed on a mat or with Pilates equipment, like Reformer.

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Pilates workouts focus on the core strengths, from lower ribs to pelvic floor, your


Fitness works on developing the performance of the heart, lungs, and the muscles of the body. Specifically, it focuses on your cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility. Pick the most suitable workouts, with or without equipment, to achieve your fitness goals.

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Fitness workouts help you be in your best shape to perform physical activities and control your fat level through proper nutrition.