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The Spa at Pacific City Club

- Bangkok, Thailand
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Heaven! By M - 28/09/2015

The place is gorgeous and as soon as you step out of the lift, you feel that you are somewhere else. A warm and woody atmosphere brings a bit of retro to your experience but isn't it what we are all looking for - feeling that time is stopping just for us to relax! The staff is great, warmly welcoming and incredibly knowledgeable (therapist took well into account my condition). The treatment was perfect, heated table, right music, right pressure, great results! Take the time to enjoy the views from BKK from the relaxation room. I would advise you to come late afternoon to see the lighted skyline. This is definitely a MUST!

I wish I would have done it before! By Sat - 22/04/2014

The detox is something I heard but never tried, well I wish I would have done it before.
A 7 days program, takes you slowly, with no drastic changes to be healthier and a sense of wellbeing.
The program work along well with the PT sessions and massages. The meals are just great and surprisingly easy to adapt to.

Best protocol ever By Chris - 14/01/2014

I had the signature massage with an absolutely spotless protocol. Add to that, that the bed was heated! It was just divine.
They have a special room after the treatment to take tea and nibbles with a great view over Bangkok. An absolute must!