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What is it ?

Saunas provide dry heat in a wood-paneled room from a stove. The stove heats rocks, which radiate heat throughout the room. A sauna may have small amount of steam when water is poured over the hot rocks, but the level of humidity typically ranges between 5 and 30%. The temperature goes from 70 to 100 degrees Celsius. It is basically a dry version of the hammam at a higher temperaure. Bathing sessions alternate with jumps into a cold plunge or shower and rest at room temperature before another around.



Heat opens the pores and helps cleansing the body. It raises the body temperature above normal and stimulates the immune system. Heat makes you sweat and relax, lower your pulse and blood pressure by causing blood vessels to dilate. Sauna sessions help to relieve pain and relax muscles.

Good to know

Hammam may be more bearable than sauna due to the lower temperature. Avoid drinking alcohol before a session and drink plenty of water before and after to prevent from dehydration. Limit your bathing time to 15-20 minutes the first few times to get used to the experience. Sauna can be combined with scrubs, wraps and/or massage. It may not be suitable for people with heart diseases, low or heart pressure conditions and pregnant women. Don

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