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Body Wrap

Body Wrap

What is it ?

A body wrap session usually starts with exfoliating the skin. Then, your entire body is slathered with a mask and wrapped up tightly to keep you warm. Once rinsed off, moisturizer is applied on your soft and glowing skin. Don



While resting all wrapped up, the heat helps soothing the muscles, opening the pores and sweating so that toxins are flushed from the body. The mask tones and hydrates the skin. Some mask formula may also help releasing pain and inflammation. Expect an improvement of the texture of your skin rather than weight loss. You may temporarily lose a couple of inches due to water loss, but gain them back when rehydrating. Sorry, no miracle here!

Good to know

Note that you may be left alone to rest waiting for the mask to do its magic, while some treatments include a scalp massage. Check before selecting to avoid disappointment. Drink plenty of water after the body wrap to avoid dehydration.

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