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Yunomori Onsen & Spa

- Bangkok, Thailand
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Wonderful relaxation! By Clothilde - 30/07/2014

Very pleasant place and relaxing atmosphere. The Japanese baths are very clean and soothing, perfect before a massage.
High quality treatments, they took into account my wishes (choice of oils, nice set of kimonos,...). The staff is perfect, smiling and thoughtful.
Very good experience, I highly recommend this spa!

Try Onsen bath, you cannot be disappointed By Veronique - 31/10/2013

What a terrific experience, I highly recommend Onsen bath and will definitely come back regularly..

Japanese hot baths and great massage By Kate - 18/04/2013

Cosy Japanese hot baths, plunge pools from very cold to sooo hot, very relaxing athmosphere indoor and Japanese garden. The Onsen facilities and services are fantastic. Loved it! Perfect on week-end to relax from a busy working week.
Massage rooms are nice, but would be perfect with more cosy design. Massage is good.

To be naked, or not ? By Mathilde - 09/04/2013

I had a great experience at Yunomori Onsen. I started with spending time in the hot baths, then had a traditionnal Thai massage and couldn't resist to go back to the spa area. The massage was good but what I enjoyed best was to relax in the baths area, forgetting about the time. The room is spacious and bright and the atmosphere is so relaxing.
No need to worry about being naked actually. It is true you have to undress to access the baths... but if you request it, they give you disposable panties and underbras to cover yourself. When I was there, half the women were wearing them, the other half was naked !

Relaxing traditional(ish) Onsen and massage By tom - 09/04/2013

Arrived in early afternoon (they have early-afternoon special packages!) with reservation.
Well greeted and confirmed what we wanted. Price did not match their sheet but was lower so a good start !
Onsen: men and women have separate entrances from the garden which houses a nice beer area for the evening. Mens you scrub clean first sitting on small stools/chairs, all very clean and well presented. The space is about 15x10m and houses a wet sauna, dry saun (salt provided which is good), relax pools with temperatures indicated and a cold pool of 18

A bit of Japan in Bangkok By HoneyEm - 09/04/2013

It was incredible to find a bit of Japan on soi 26. Very fun to choose the fabric of the kimono and the color of the obi. We looked quite fashionable in the alleys of the spa. To my opinion, the onsen part is the most nicely executed. You have a couple of inside and outside baths. Very clean and bright. I took the oil massage (they use Thann products) and the therapist was very skilled and followed my requests of focusing on neck and shoulder. I will definitely come back with more time before my massage to enjoy the onset first (you can't do it after the oil massage).

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